Admirable Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin is most known for his work on the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution. However, his philanthropic side should not be ignored. I personally did not know about his Junto Club and his philanthropic endeavors before today’s class. Along with being the founding member of the Library Company of Philadelphia, Franklin also contributed to establish a volunteer fire department and police service. Like Andrew Carnegie, Ben Franklin understood the importance of a quality education. With establishing the library in Philadelphia, Franklin provided the citizens with an opportunity to receive a higher education. Not only would the individual benefit from the higher education, but also the community would benefit as a whole. Franklin clearly was not just concerned with providing benefits for himself. He made it his goal to give back to his community and provide opportunities for the future. His selflessness needs to be commended and Franklin’s style of philanthropy should be studied and expanded upon by future philanthropists looking to give back. Franklin’s behind the scene efforts should be taken note of. True philanthropy is done when nobody is looking, and away from the scrutiny of others. Like the third highest form of tzedakah, according to Moses Maimonides, Franklin provided to the citizens without the direct knowledge of his efforts. Franklin was not forced to do anything; he did it for the benefit of the members of his community and should be commended for it.
–Josh T.

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